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15 Jan, 2012

What You Don’t Know about Green Tea

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Green tea is good to your body, no doubt about it. But do you know that aside from accumulating the health benefits provided by the leaves, there are other uses of green tea that will paint a smile on your face. Little do we know it that the leaves are great for removing smell, dyeing cloth, and treating skin problems.


Other Uses of Green Tea

  • Use green tea to add tastefully made stains on clothes or scarves. This is a Chinese and Japanese practice where clothes are tied by strings and then soaked into hot tea mixed with green tea powder. After the clothes take in enough color then they are removed from the water. Using green tea to dye clothes is a practical and easy way to add gorgeous look on your clothes.
  • Take the power of green tea to remove disgusting smell from your household. This is popularly used in the fridge to suck up the smell inside. Green tea is an environmentally friendly alternative to baking soda. Just add some green tea leaves in a cloth bag and put this inside the fridge. The tea can neutralize the smell.  The tea is also a good help to wash cutting boards that tend to always smell oddly. Rub the leaves into the board and rinse with water.
  • You can use green tea to treat various skin infections. Green tea is a popular way to encourage faster healing of wounds. It can limit permanent scarring. The leaves also prevent swelling and itching because of insect bites. Many say that green tea can treat acne although science still need to prove this belief.

Above are just some of the uses of green tea aside from what we know. In due time, science will unveil other amazing uses of the tea aside from its ability to promote better internal and external health. So while you are taking a warm cup of tea during a lazy Sunday afternoon, do not forget to think about the other uses of green tea –who knows when they can come handy.



13 Jan, 2012

More Green Tea Serving Tips to Enjoy

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Green tea, being famed for its health benefits, became an icon among the health conscious crowd. Many shift to green tea instead of getting a coffee break. Many drug companies start included green tea as one of the major ingredients of their medicines. Indeed, the fame of green tea is unstoppable.

But while you think that you know a lot about this tea, you will always find grateful with information about green tea serving tips. After all, knowledge about its proper serving will never fail to boost your satisfaction rate.


Green Tea Serving Tips

Make use of pure whole tea. Serious green tea companies would make an effort to show documentations that test that their products are free of pesticides. So once you found a tea that you would like to drink each day, it is wise to have it tested first since fluoride and metal toxins can deteriorate the body in the long run.

Stay away from taking powdered teabags since they tend to stale and may come in low-qualities. Like with other products, the fresher the tea is then the better.

Make use of pure water when preparing green tea. Although there is no proof that fluorinated water can pose some health benefits, but it is safe to say that high level of fluoride can be toxic and may bring lethal health problems. Also, stay away from tap water since it comes with minerals and chlorine that can affect the taste of your tea.

Do not make it a point to boil hot water. Taking scalding water is not beneficial to your body, but steeping the tea at a very hot temperate may make it lose its health properties. Like what the organic advocates tell us, there is a big difference between taking raw and cooked leaves.

Always make use of whole tea and avoid powdered tea bags. Whole tea is always more advantage than tea bags.

Stop worrying about brewing your tea by finding a convenient implement. You can use Chinese steeping cups or French coffee presses. There are literally hundreds of great teapots online. Find one that you can use with convenience to save your neck the hassle of brewing.

In China, people serve tea based on tradition. In fact, proper serving of the tea takes time and expertise. This only shows that if you want to take benefit of green tea, then you must first be prepared to brew it well.


11 Jan, 2012

Green tea Over Black Tea

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Among the various kinds of tea, the most popular are unquestionably the green tea and the black tea. But in this world where health conscious folks are increasing, green tea is now becoming more popular than the black version, especially among countries like America and Great Britain. However, people still ask this long-time unresolved question: which is better, the black or the green tea?

There is a big difference between green tea and black tea. The later underwent fermentation process, which somehow lessens the amount of antioxidants and increases the amount of caffeine in the tea.

Although both the black and the green tea have their own health benefits, experts believe that you can find better result with green tea. After all, it comes with higher antioxidants and reduced caffeine.

Why Choose Green tea over Black Tea

  1. Enjoy lower caffeine with green tea- While the two kinds of tea come with lower level of caffeine compared to soda and coffee, experts realized that green tea comes with lower caffeine than the black tea. If you are sensitive to caffeine, then going for the green version will please you more. Its caffeine level is low; hence, you can still get a good night sleep after taking a cup or two.
  2. Take benefit of higher antioxidants- Health experts would always advice us to take fruits and vegetables because of their high antioxidant content. But experts nowadays would encourage many to start drinking green tea to get higher doses of antioxidants.
  3. Get Less Teeth Stain- It is normal for you to get black stains on your teeth after taking coffee and black tea. But since green tea comes in greenish yellow liquid, it will not mess up with your teeth’s color. Hence, you can save big bucks from doing teeth whitening processes.
  4. Take Please of its Better Taste. Most people would agree that green tea provides us with a slightly astringent taste, which is actually better than the black version. And since there are many manufacturers of green tea nowadays, you are bound to find one that taste right.

If you like to enjoy a drink with high antioxidant and low caffeine and something that will not stain your teeth then green tea is all that you ever need. Make it a habit to consume green tea and welcome a better health in no time.




09 Jan, 2012

Even the Celebrities Love Green Tea

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Ever wonder why the stars look so slim and blooming? It is not a secret in Hollywood that stars like Jenifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow are harvesting the benefits of green tea in their weight loss goals.

Popular diet of celebrities includes the regular use of green tea. The leaves help them achieve a youthful looking skin and allow them to lose weight more effectively. Oprah, for one, pushes to transform her diet by consuming green tea instead of a cup of coffee. If you can observe, Oprah’s body figure is starting to improve nowadays. She said that she was able to lose up to 2 pounds in just a matter of 2 weeks.

There is also Christina Aguilera who confesses to be a green tea addict. She gained fame upon entering the music scene because of her young and sexy image. However, since she became a mom, she admits that it has been a big challenge for her to lose weight. She started gaining extra pound after pregnancy hence she has to rely on green tea to look slimmer again.

Studies believe that regularly using green tea is not harmful. Drinking tea for the Chinese is already a tradition; they consume a cup of it or two every single day.  But it is still best to ask for professional advice before going for any kind of celebrity diet. This is to ensure your safety.

Green tea provides us with many health benefits and it is a surefire help for us to slim down. So to get back to your original body weight, it’s time to include green tea in your life. Make it a habit to brew fresh tea each day.






07 Jan, 2012

Stress And Green Tea

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Can green tea ease out stress? Is there a direct link between stress and green tea? Many people in the attempt to rid stress from their life would ask these questions.

It is no brainer that green tea provides us with an impressive list of health benefits. From Alzheimer’s disease to cancer, green tea can effectively lessen the effects of these medical conditions. In fact, the tea even has something to do with a good cardiovascular health. However, what people will like most is the association of green tea to the reduction of stress. In a world where people seem to eat stress for breakfast, this medical finding will be of great value.

Many studies were done to prove the connection between stress and green tea. A large-scale study about the association of this tea to stress reduction was recently printed at the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


A Medical Study between Stress and Green Tea


The Tohuko University Graduate School of Medicine conducted a research to find the link between stress and green tea. Atsushi Hosawa spearheaded this research, which include 42,093 Japanese as respondents. The research team aims to realize if there is a direct connection between taking green tea and improving one’s psychological wellbeing.

Those respondents who drink about 5 cups of green tea each day executed less psychological worries compared to those who consume less than one cup each day. This result was obtained after carefully adjusting variables like diet, age, alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, and the history of diseases.

Since this research is purely an epidemiological study, the researchers made no effort to determine the actual reason behind the observed results. However, green tea leaves come with polyphenols. These are kind of antioxidant which combat stress due to cardiovascular and neurodegenerative illnesses.

The primary polyphenols one can found in green tea leaves are the following: epicatechin gallate(ECG), epigallocatechin(EGC), andepigallocatechin gallate(EGCG), and epicatechin(EC).

Indeed, stress can affect us. In fact, it is an imminent danger that occurs in our everyday living. Nevertheless, taking a cup of green tea can always ease our stress away. Just imagine sipping a hot cup of tea after office hours. Just the thought of it makes us more relaxed.


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