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27 Aug, 2008

Best Green Tea To Wake Up To

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Green tea comes in many varieties and flavors. Each variety, while possessing all of health benefits of all green teas, presents unique qualities and effects. While all green teas are great to drink at any time, Kukicha, known for its refreshing light fragrance, is the best cup of tea for any morning. The tea is […]

26 Aug, 2008

Brew the Best Green Tea Soda: Healthy Soda Pop Alternative

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If you’re like many of us on quest to lose weight, you’re cutting calories where you can, while trying to maintain some sort of flavor to your diet. For many of us, we may first turn to replacing soda with diet soda. A healthy alternative to drinking soda, whether diet or not, could be creating […]

25 Aug, 2008

How to Clear Up Acne Using Green Tea

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A lot of people suffer from mild acne – that’s why its a multi-billion dollar business throughout the world. If you’re like a lot of us, you’ve dealt with a few acne battles. And if you’re like a huge chunk of us, you’ve tried a number of over-the-counter and even prescription anti-acne products. The problem […]

21 Aug, 2008

Green Tea Acts as Nutritional, Inexpensive and Easy Skin Product

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The Wall Street Journal recently profiled a skin products expert who uses a very simple solution for keeping her skin radiant, refreshed and youthful. Can you guess what it is? If you guess Green Tea, you are correct! Skin-products guru Lina Tanaka told the Journal that she brews fresh Green Tea daily – using either […]

19 Aug, 2008

Could a Green Tea Diet Have Helped Save Christina Applegate’s Breasts?

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You might have heard by now that famed actor Christina Applegate was recently diagnosed with Cancer. Breast cancer is a serious condition that is affecting more and more Western women each year. Applegate chose to have a double-mastectomy, which surgically removed both of her breasts. But did she need to undergo such a high-price procedure […]

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