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About Green Tea Nutrition

I love Green Tea Nutrition! The health benefits of green tea have been enjoyed by cultures for centuries and green tea’s nutritional values are now being vetted by Western scientists.

I’m not a big coffee drinker, especially because I can’t handle caffeine all too well. But because green tea harbors only a third of the caffeine that a cup of coffee has, I can drink nearly as much of it as I want.

I really appreciate the way Green Tea doesn’t weigh me down like other drinks that aren’t water. And if Green Tea doesn’t really prevent cancer, reduce heart disease and help me stay looking younger longer, that’s OK! Because Green Tea a great drink.

I’ll be using this blog to talk about the health benefits of Green Tea Nutrition plans and I will discuss ways to incorporate more Green Tea into your daily life. It’s not easy to stick to a schedule of 5 cups of green tea per day.

Thanks for visiting my site. Hopefully we can share in the joy of green tea together!

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About Green Tea Nutrition

I'm a Green Tea junkie and I write about Green Tea Nutrition. Discover Green Tea's health benefits and share a cup of tea with me!