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12 Dec, 2011

The Beginning of Iced Tea

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An iced tea is not your ordinary drink! Interestingly, the first iced tea started by accident during a hot day at the celebration of World’s Fair. In the year 1904, a man named Richard Blechynden added ice to his hot tea to make it more enjoyable. After which, a new craze was born. Obviously, some households are already serving iced tea prior to this event. However, it was only after thousands of people tasted the ice tea during the World’s Fair that it became an instant favorite.

As of this day, there are hundreds of ways to prepare an iced tea, although the simplest method is to mix commercially packed tea drinks to cold water. However, some people never settle for less, that is why they make it a point to work on their own concoction of iced tea.

Preparing iced tea is highly similar to making hot tea. The only difference is that iced cubes are added to the tea to turn it cold. An iced tea drink is always served with ice and a lemon as garnishing.

There is good news for people with sweet tooth because iced tea can be served sweet. Like the usual preparation, the tea is boiled then sugar is added later on. Once the tea turns cool, ice can be added together with some selections of garnishing like mint, lemon, or raspberries. It is easy to find recipes for sweet tea. There are even restaurants that bring customers back because of their delightful iced tea recipe.






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