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26 Dec, 2011

Making the Most Out of Loose Green Tea Leaf

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Let us face it; we all love green tea. Part of showing our love for tea is by recycling the leaves. This way, we can make the most of the beverage until its very end. While we rely on a habit of throwing used leaves away after use, we should remember that we could actually […]

22 Dec, 2011

Steeping Green Tea 101

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Steeping refers to the method of making a cup of tea, sometimes called as brewing. In most cases, you need 2 grams of tea in each 100ml of water. This is equivalent to one teaspoon of green tea added to five-ounce cup. This quantity may vary on the different kinds of tea. For high quality […]

18 Nov, 2011

Green Tea Ice Cream, Anyone?

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Yummy green tea ice cream. Related PostsThe Beginning of Iced TeaAn iced tea is not your ordinary drink! Interestingly, the first iced tea started by accident during…Green Tea Skin BenefitsYour skin loves green tea too! Many studies would encourage the use of green tea for skin benefits. …

16 Nov, 2011

Green Tea Lovers

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There is now a place for Green Tea Lovers to meet. The site specialize in maximizing the health benefit of green tea and it caters to the needs of health conscious consumer. Check out there Japanese sencha, organic, decaf, teabags, white & rooibos selections too! Related PostsNo related posts

26 Aug, 2008

Brew the Best Green Tea Soda: Healthy Soda Pop Alternative

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If you’re like many of us on quest to lose weight, you’re cutting calories where you can, while trying to maintain some sort of flavor to your diet. For many of us, we may first turn to replacing soda with diet soda. A healthy alternative to drinking soda, whether diet or not, could be creating […]

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