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09 Jan, 2012

Even the Celebrities Love Green Tea

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Ever wonder why the stars look so slim and blooming? It is not a secret in Hollywood that stars like Jenifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow are harvesting the benefits of green tea in their weight loss goals.

Popular diet of celebrities includes the regular use of green tea. The leaves help them achieve a youthful looking skin and allow them to lose weight more effectively. Oprah, for one, pushes to transform her diet by consuming green tea instead of a cup of coffee. If you can observe, Oprah’s body figure is starting to improve nowadays. She said that she was able to lose up to 2 pounds in just a matter of 2 weeks.

There is also Christina Aguilera who confesses to be a green tea addict. She gained fame upon entering the music scene because of her young and sexy image. However, since she became a mom, she admits that it has been a big challenge for her to lose weight. She started gaining extra pound after pregnancy hence she has to rely on green tea to look slimmer again.

Studies believe that regularly using green tea is not harmful. Drinking tea for the Chinese is already a tradition; they consume a cup of it or two every single day.  But it is still best to ask for professional advice before going for any kind of celebrity diet. This is to ensure your safety.

Green tea provides us with many health benefits and it is a surefire help for us to slim down. So to get back to your original body weight, it’s time to include green tea in your life. Make it a habit to brew fresh tea each day.






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