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11 Jan, 2012

Green tea Over Black Tea

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Among the various kinds of tea, the most popular are unquestionably the green tea and the black tea. But in this world where health conscious folks are increasing, green tea is now becoming more popular than the black version, especially among countries like America and Great Britain. However, people still ask this long-time unresolved question: which is better, the black or the green tea?

There is a big difference between green tea and black tea. The later underwent fermentation process, which somehow lessens the amount of antioxidants and increases the amount of caffeine in the tea.

Although both the black and the green tea have their own health benefits, experts believe that you can find better result with green tea. After all, it comes with higher antioxidants and reduced caffeine.

Why Choose Green tea over Black Tea

  1. Enjoy lower caffeine with green tea- While the two kinds of tea come with lower level of caffeine compared to soda and coffee, experts realized that green tea comes with lower caffeine than the black tea. If you are sensitive to caffeine, then going for the green version will please you more. Its caffeine level is low; hence, you can still get a good night sleep after taking a cup or two.
  2. Take benefit of higher antioxidants- Health experts would always advice us to take fruits and vegetables because of their high antioxidant content. But experts nowadays would encourage many to start drinking green tea to get higher doses of antioxidants.
  3. Get Less Teeth Stain- It is normal for you to get black stains on your teeth after taking coffee and black tea. But since green tea comes in greenish yellow liquid, it will not mess up with your teeth’s color. Hence, you can save big bucks from doing teeth whitening processes.
  4. Take Please of its Better Taste. Most people would agree that green tea provides us with a slightly astringent taste, which is actually better than the black version. And since there are many manufacturers of green tea nowadays, you are bound to find one that taste right.

If you like to enjoy a drink with high antioxidant and low caffeine and something that will not stain your teeth then green tea is all that you ever need. Make it a habit to consume green tea and welcome a better health in no time.




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