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25 Nov, 2011

Green Tea and Caffeine

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It is interesting that from the Buddhist monk who discovered the wonders of green tea, the plant now becomes a worldwide sensation. The tea does not just heal us physically but it creates an invigorating feeling that helps brighten our day. This feeling is because of caffeine that stimulates the nervous system to help us function well in the day.

Of course, caffeine has its bad effects too. Once taken in high quantity, it can prevent us from getting a good night sleep. It can trigger dizziness and headache. The recommended daily caffeine intake of a person is between 200 to 250 mg each day. Nevertheless, some still finds that even a small dose of caffeine can make them feel jittery.

Green tea gives you the best of both worlds—it will brighten your day but will not cause you to lose sleep at night. You just have to consume it at the right dosage and you will do fine. It contains only 20 mg of caffeine, compared to black tea that gives you 40 mg and coffee with 90-150mg caffeine. Even some who are sensitive to caffeine may experience great comfort with green tea that will keep them awake if they need to.

Getting Green Tea without the Caffeine

If you are really concern about the caffeine you get from green tea, it is best to opt for decaffeinated tea. However, you should understand that in a way of decaffeinating tea, it tends to destroy 70 percent of the cathechins in green tea.

The method of decaffeinating green tea is to soak the leaves in ethyl acetate, which tend to bid the caffeine. Then, the caffeine plus the ethyl acetate are boiled away. The big problem is, the health-promoting catehins are thrown away.

Therefore, the thing to remember when buying decaffeinated green tea is to buy a brand that makes of use of effervescence or carbon dioxide method of production. If not, you are only wasting your time in drinking a brew that will not give your needed amount of catechins.




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