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24 Dec, 2011

Green Tea and Cancer

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Several studies confirm that both black and green tea have their effects against cancer. One proof of this is the statistics that cancer rate is lower among countries like Japan where the consumption of green tea is high. However, it is not enough to rely on a population-based study to conclude that tea has its good effect in the prevention of cancer.

Other studies suggest that polyphenols found in the tea, especially green tea can prevent cancer too. Researchers further believe that polyphenols can stop cancerous cells from multiplying.

How Green Tea Helps In Cancer Prevention

Breast Cancer. The polyphenols in green tea can prevent the growth of breast cancer cells. In a study with 472 women with cancer as the main respondents, researchers realized that women who consume the highest amount of green tea experienced the least spread of cancer. The research also realized that those women in their early stages of cancer and are into drinking 5 cups of tea each day are less likely to suffer from a recurrence of the disease after the completion of treatment.

Ovarian Cancer. In a study  conducted among patients of ovarian cancer in China, researchers found that those women who drink at least a cup of green tea per day has a longer chance of living than those who do not drink tea.

Bladder Cancer. There are only a few studies done to see the relationship between bladder cancer and the use of green tea. However, in a study that compared people with and without bladder cancer, it has been realized that women who are into drinking powdered green tea have a lesser chance of developing bladder cancer.

Colorectal Cancer. There is a conflicting result in a research that like to establish the effects of green tea to rectal or colon cancer. Some clinical studies say that there is a decreased risk for those who are into the tea while others show some risks. Other studies show that green tea has no effect at all to colorectal cancer.

Esophageal Cancer. Studies done among laboratory animals say that the polyphenols in tea can inhibit the growth of this kind of cancer. However, a conflicting result happens among humans. In a certain study, it was established that green tea could limit the development of esophageal cancer, while another study says that the tea can actually trigger the spread of this cancer.

Prostrate Cancer. Laboratory studies say that green tea prevents the spread of cancer cells in test tubes. In a study conducted in Southeast China, the researchers realized that the risk for prostate cancer start to decline while people increase the frequency and amount of green tea consumption.

Lung Cancer. There is a conflicting result in the study of green tea and lung cancer. Certain studies say that it can help stop the spread of this cancer while other studies prove otherwise.

Skin Cancer. Epigallocatechin gallate found in green tea provides anticancer and anti-inflammatory benefits that will stop the growth of skin tumors.





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