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01 Jan, 2012

Green Tea for the Flu Season

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When flu season comes, you do not have much chance but succumb to the illness. We often catch flu no matter how careful we are. While flu shots and medicines are lurking around the corner, but none of them can guarantee your isolation from the virus. In addition, many people now are getting skeptical about continuously relying on medicines to cure their health problem. Also, some are just afraid to spend on expensive medicines.

So in this world of the skeptics, we are provided with a natural and effective remedy known as green tea.


What a Tea Can Do

Green tea already enjoys the fame of being a health elixir. Chinese legend even holds great esteem to the tea. Chinese believe that a man named Shien Non Shei is responsible for the introduction of tea to their culture. He accidentally tastes the tea plant and realized that the leave provide powerful medicinal properties.

A second version of the legend believes that the goodness of green tea fell on the cup were Shien Non Shei is drinking. At that time, the man is ill but after drinking the tea, his health suddenly improved.

Scientific research has been talking about the benefits of the tea among people. The tea has been linked to the decreased of certain types of cancer, increased satiety, and augments fat oxidation. Now, green tea has its good effect to the prevention of cold and flu too.

To confirm the effect of green tea to cold and flu, research was conducted at University of Shizuoka that aims to determine the nursing home residents who have a high chance of developing flu and colds. These residents were asked to gargle green tea three times per day. This study realized that people who gargled green tea have a lower chance of developing flu and cold viruses.

Green tea comes with a compound known as catechins, which help improve the immune system’s ability to rid off flu.  The mere act of gargling green tea is more advantageous than drinking the tea. This is for the reason that by gargling the tea, the viruses are exposed to catechins much longer.

Fortunately, green tea now comes in various kinds. You can find one from extracts to supplements. There are still those old tea bags that many come to love. There is even green tea available in cough drops. Hence, if you are after the prevention of cold and flu specially this flu season, it is wise to add green tea in your diet. Do not forget, you have to gargle it.



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