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13 Jan, 2012

More Green Tea Serving Tips to Enjoy

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Green tea, being famed for its health benefits, became an icon among the health conscious crowd. Many shift to green tea instead of getting a coffee break. Many drug companies start included green tea as one of the major ingredients of their medicines. Indeed, the fame of green tea is unstoppable.

But while you think that you know a lot about this tea, you will always find grateful with information about green tea serving tips. After all, knowledge about its proper serving will never fail to boost your satisfaction rate.


Green Tea Serving Tips

Make use of pure whole tea. Serious green tea companies would make an effort to show documentations that test that their products are free of pesticides. So once you found a tea that you would like to drink each day, it is wise to have it tested first since fluoride and metal toxins can deteriorate the body in the long run.

Stay away from taking powdered teabags since they tend to stale and may come in low-qualities. Like with other products, the fresher the tea is then the better.

Make use of pure water when preparing green tea. Although there is no proof that fluorinated water can pose some health benefits, but it is safe to say that high level of fluoride can be toxic and may bring lethal health problems. Also, stay away from tap water since it comes with minerals and chlorine that can affect the taste of your tea.

Do not make it a point to boil hot water. Taking scalding water is not beneficial to your body, but steeping the tea at a very hot temperate may make it lose its health properties. Like what the organic advocates tell us, there is a big difference between taking raw and cooked leaves.

Always make use of whole tea and avoid powdered tea bags. Whole tea is always more advantage than tea bags.

Stop worrying about brewing your tea by finding a convenient implement. You can use Chinese steeping cups or French coffee presses. There are literally hundreds of great teapots online. Find one that you can use with convenience to save your neck the hassle of brewing.

In China, people serve tea based on tradition. In fact, proper serving of the tea takes time and expertise. This only shows that if you want to take benefit of green tea, then you must first be prepared to brew it well.


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