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28 Dec, 2011

Green Tea Skin Benefits

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Your skin loves green tea too! Many studies would encourage the use of green tea for skin benefits. Animal study suggests that this herb can prevent skin cancer as it reduces skin damage. Other study shows that polyphenone can benefit people with papulopustular rosacea.

Considering its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property, green tea can slow down the development of skin aging. Furthermore, evidences show that green tea can stop matrix metalloproteinases as it inhibits two of its key subtypes: elastase and collagenase.

Many studies are yet to be done to establish the effect of green tea to our skin’s health. However, if you wish to include this in your beauty regimen now, you will be glad to realize that there are plenty of sensible manners to go about it.

For instance, since the sun protection of green tea is well documented, it is wise to apply green tea formula under your sunscreen. You can mix green tea with zinc oxide based sunscreens since zinc oxide will not react with the tea.

It is a very nice idea to use green tea as part of your skin maintenance to slow down the aging process. However, buying a green tea cream and thinking that it is enough to do you well is a wrong move. Just like other antioxidants, green tea pluphenols begun to oxidize once exposed to air. This will lose some of green tea benefits once exposed to air. It is not yet proven if commercial green tea creams can retain their efficiency.


If you are willing to exert some effort, it is wise to make your green tea beauty remedy from scratch. This way, you are guaranteed of the good result. Plus, green tea beauty remedies from scratch is cheaper too.




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