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06 Dec, 2011

Why Green Tea?

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If you are health conscious, you surely know about the many health benefits of green tea. But since not all of us have the time to research about the great wonders of natural medicine that exist around us, it is likely that some are left curious about the big fuzz around green tea.

The secret of green tea is the fact that it comes high in catechin polyphenols, especially EGCG or epigallocatchin gallate. Scientist believes that EGCG is a very powerful antioxidant. In fact, it is so powerful that it can limit the growth of cancer cell, or even work to kill these cancer cells without causing damage to the healthy tissues. This chemical can even lower LDL level and stop blood clot.

Interestingly, science is now trying to find a link between the use of green tea and the famous “French Paradox”. As we all know, science is highly puzzled about why the French have low incident of heart disease when compared to Americans. This is said to be because of the red wine, which come in high quantity of resveratrol that limit the harmful effects of a fatty diet. More interestingly, studies have it that EGCG contains higher level of resveratrol that could explain why the Japanese are less likely to suffer from heart disease, despite the fact that they are fond of smoking cigarettes.

Why Not Go With Other Kinds Of Tea?

The big question is, what is with green tea that people cannot find in oolong and black teas? The answer here is that green tea is exceptionally processed. The leaves of green tea are steamed which can stop the EGCG compound from oxidizing. On the other hand, black and oolong teas are created using fermented leaves. This allows the EGCG from being converted to other compounds that tend not to be very effective when giving us with exceptional health benefits.

There are many benefits that people can enjoy from green tea. It can reduce body weight; perk up mental attitude, cure tooth ache, treat cancer, and many more! This helps us understand why there are many products nowadays that are being advertised as something that contain green tea.

Is there something about green tea that you should know? It is believed that the only negative effect that green tea can give is the insomnia it can bring a person. This is due to the high level of caffeine that it is available with. Aside from this, green tea is safe for use even by kids!


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