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16 Dec, 2011

Health Benefits of Green Tea

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When you are offered between black coffee and green tea, choose the green one.

A recent study confirms that green tea, which is very popular among Asian nations, can protect the heart arteries by making them relaxed, which is helpful to allow the heart to withstand the ups and downs created by blood pressure.

In a research leaded by Dr. Nikolaos Alexopoulos, it was revealed that among 14 subjects, the people who were asked to drink green tea showed higher dilation of their heart arteries. This data was gathered through an ultrasound, which was conducted 30 minutes after drinking the tea.

This finding is no longer shocking because the Chinese culture already holds great esteem to the many health benefits of green tea. However, for this finding, the researcher speculated that the tea works within the lining of blood vessels. This will relax the vessels and permit the blood to freely flow.

The flavonoids in the tea allow the vessels to remain pliable. This same flavonoids work to furnish the body with antioxidants and stop inflammation. The same substance can stop blood clot, which often leads to heart attack.


How much Tea to Take?

All it takes to enjoy all the benefits of green tea is to take about 3 to 4 cups per day.

However, some experts caution that this study is not enough to praise green tea for the effect it can possibly bring the heart. These experts further say that while green tea has its great effect to the heart, but this does not mean that everybody should start drinking the tea. Above anything else, proper diagnosis and medication is needed to prevent stroke and heart attacks.






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