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14 Dec, 2011

The Japanese Tea Ceremony

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Japan holds green tea so preciously that serving it became a ceremony that will take years to master. They hold this practice for too long already, that the Japanese tea ceremony is known to date back about hundred years already.

Through the passing of times, the tea ceremony includes 4 ceremonies that are highly upheld up to these days. These are harmony, purity, respect, and tranquility.


Knowing the Elements of the Japanese Tea Ceremony

The Japanese tea ceremony is a ritualized serving of powdered green tea, also known as matcha. Among the most common ceremonies are the Urasenke and the Omotensenke. Among the two, the Urasenke is commonly performed, especially outside Japan.

The attire of the guests and the hosts are formal, since the ceremony is formal too. The host must wear an authentic kimono and the guest should wear the same or at least any formal wear. Guests who will participate in the Japanese tea ceremony must know the customs and the rituals followed in the said event.

There are many locations where a tea ceremony could transpire. The ceremony could happen both inside and outside the house. In an outside ceremony, guests are provided with seats. For important guests, the ceremony is usually held inside.


The Ceremony

Upon guests take their seats, the host will create a charcoal fire which will heat the water used for making the tea. In some occasions, a meal can be served. However, if there is no meal, a host can choose to give light sweets instead. Once the tea is ready, the guest can come forward to take the bowl. In some cases, the bowl will be brought to a prestigious guest first. Conversation is kept minimal since the Japanese Tea Ceremony should enjoy the stillness of the occasion. One must also make it a point to enjoy the smell and the feel of the incense that is normally burnt during the occasion.

The host together with the guest will bow as the other guests rotate the bowl and take a sip. One must bow and raise the bowl as a sign of great respect. The guests will take more sips, wipes the rim, and rotate the bowl to its original position. Then, it will be handed down to the next guest.

This procedure is repeated until the host gets back the bowl. Most commonly, a thick tea is served first before a thin tea. The thin tea is served in a usual manner although the atmosphere is more casual.

The host will clean the utensils used in making the tea. The guest of honor will pass the utensils to each guest. Everyone must be very careful since most ceremony items are antiques. After which, the items are put in their original place. The guests can now leave the house while the host bows at the door. Indeed, this is how beautiful and formal a Japanese tea ceremony is.



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