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05 Jan, 2012

Learning from the Japanese Way of Eating

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What is with the Japanese? Why are they so healthy, and why do they tend to live longer? The Japanese has one of the best diets in the world. It is amazing to know that life expectancy is the highest if you live in Japan and obesity has never been their issue, only recently when the infiltration of western fast foods came to their land.

The Japanese beholds their vibrant health. They age slowly and do not end up with chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases, dementia, and cancer.

With all the good reputation the Japanese have when it concerns their health, everything boils down to the question: what does the Japanese eat to live that way?


Eating Like the Japanese

Fish. The Japanese are madly in love with fishes that a person normally consumes 154 pounds of fish per year. This equates to one-half pound each day. Fishes are great since they are rich in essential fatty acid. These healthy fats can lower cholesterol level, reduce heart diseases, and improve brain function.

Seaweed. They love Nori and Kombu seaweeds. The black wrapped in your sushi, that is seaweed! These foods contain high amount of iodine and minerals, which can improve one’s health.

Cruciferous vegetables. The Japanese eats cruciferous vegetables about five times than what an average westerner eats. These vegetables include broccoli, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale, cauliflower, radishes, watercress, turnips, and parsnips.

Mushrooms. The Japanese particularly love the Shiitake mushrooms that this food became a symbol for longevity. The mushroom improves the immune system and it fights aging. They are also a powerful antioxidant and a significant help in reducing cholesterol.

Tofu. This food is a great source of protein. It is packed with nutrients necessary to live a healthy and long life. Tofu too can reduce cholesterol and help improve cardiovascular health. This also comes with energy and antioxidant minerals.

Green Tea. The western world is now recognizing the power of green tea. Well, the Japanese loves green tea ever since their existence. Green tea reduces cancer and heart problems. It is a very good antioxidant too. Green tea is associated to the reduction of cancer both among men and among women. Research say that people who are into the habit of consuming green tea experience lower blood level and reduce bad cholesterol.

As you see, the lifestyle of the Japanese tends to be very different from what the western has. So if we simply include these foods into our lifestyle and start to let go of that fat and greasy hamburger you are holding now, you might be able to live a life as good and as long as what the Japanese enjoy.


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