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05 Jan, 2012

Learning from the Japanese Way of Eating

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What is with the Japanese? Why are they so healthy, and why do they tend to live longer? The Japanese has one of the best diets in the world. It is amazing to know that life expectancy is the highest if you live in Japan and obesity has never been their issue, only recently when the infiltration of western fast foods came to their land.

The Japanese beholds their vibrant health. They age slowly and do not end up with chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases, dementia, and cancer.

With all the good reputation the Japanese have when it concerns their health, everything boils down to the question: what does the Japanese eat to live that way?


Eating Like the Japanese

Fish. The Japanese are madly in love with fishes that a person normally consumes 154 pounds of fish per year. This equates to one-half pound each day. Fishes are great since they are rich in essential fatty acid. These healthy fats can lower cholesterol level, reduce heart diseases, and improve brain function.

Seaweed. They love Nori and Kombu seaweeds. The black wrapped in your sushi, that is seaweed! These foods contain high amount of iodine and minerals, which can improve one’s health.

Cruciferous vegetables. The Japanese eats cruciferous vegetables about five times than what an average westerner eats. These vegetables include broccoli, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale, cauliflower, radishes, watercress, turnips, and parsnips.

Mushrooms. The Japanese particularly love the Shiitake mushrooms that this food became a symbol for longevity. The mushroom improves the immune system and it fights aging. They are also a powerful antioxidant and a significant help in reducing cholesterol.

Tofu. This food is a great source of protein. It is packed with nutrients necessary to live a healthy and long life. Tofu too can reduce cholesterol and help improve cardiovascular health. This also comes with energy and antioxidant minerals.

Green Tea. The western world is now recognizing the power of green tea. Well, the Japanese loves green tea ever since their existence. Green tea reduces cancer and heart problems. It is a very good antioxidant too. Green tea is associated to the reduction of cancer both among men and among women. Research say that people who are into the habit of consuming green tea experience lower blood level and reduce bad cholesterol.

As you see, the lifestyle of the Japanese tends to be very different from what the western has. So if we simply include these foods into our lifestyle and start to let go of that fat and greasy hamburger you are holding now, you might be able to live a life as good and as long as what the Japanese enjoy.


03 Jan, 2012

The Power in your Green Tea

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The power to heal physical and mental problem is a capacity attributed to green tea for more than 5,000 years. The Chinese culture is a witness to the miracle provided by this tea, while the Western world embraces the love for tea just now.

There is a great amount of health benefits believed to be given by green tea. In fact, it is now a main ingredient to many supplements in the present world. The tea is attributed to the ability to lessen chronic diseases and even protect the brain against Alzheimer’s disease. This fact alone allowed health conscious people to embrace the tea as part of their diet.


What’s in your Tea?

Green tea comes with a compound called catechins (EGCG).  This powerful antioxidant fights free radicals and reduces the risk of many sicknesses. The skepticism felt by science about catechins in the past have been refuted by recent research. By now, science believe that EGCG becomes more potent once broken down inside the stomach.

Many studies confirm the great advantage of this tea and since taking it does not pose any health hazard on a person; it is just wise that you include it in your diet.


01 Jan, 2012

Green Tea for the Flu Season

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When flu season comes, you do not have much chance but succumb to the illness. We often catch flu no matter how careful we are. While flu shots and medicines are lurking around the corner, but none of them can guarantee your isolation from the virus. In addition, many people now are getting skeptical about continuously relying on medicines to cure their health problem. Also, some are just afraid to spend on expensive medicines.

So in this world of the skeptics, we are provided with a natural and effective remedy known as green tea.


What a Tea Can Do

Green tea already enjoys the fame of being a health elixir. Chinese legend even holds great esteem to the tea. Chinese believe that a man named Shien Non Shei is responsible for the introduction of tea to their culture. He accidentally tastes the tea plant and realized that the leave provide powerful medicinal properties.

A second version of the legend believes that the goodness of green tea fell on the cup were Shien Non Shei is drinking. At that time, the man is ill but after drinking the tea, his health suddenly improved.

Scientific research has been talking about the benefits of the tea among people. The tea has been linked to the decreased of certain types of cancer, increased satiety, and augments fat oxidation. Now, green tea has its good effect to the prevention of cold and flu too.

To confirm the effect of green tea to cold and flu, research was conducted at University of Shizuoka that aims to determine the nursing home residents who have a high chance of developing flu and colds. These residents were asked to gargle green tea three times per day. This study realized that people who gargled green tea have a lower chance of developing flu and cold viruses.

Green tea comes with a compound known as catechins, which help improve the immune system’s ability to rid off flu.  The mere act of gargling green tea is more advantageous than drinking the tea. This is for the reason that by gargling the tea, the viruses are exposed to catechins much longer.

Fortunately, green tea now comes in various kinds. You can find one from extracts to supplements. There are still those old tea bags that many come to love. There is even green tea available in cough drops. Hence, if you are after the prevention of cold and flu specially this flu season, it is wise to add green tea in your diet. Do not forget, you have to gargle it.



30 Dec, 2011

Tips On Buying Green Tea

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It is hard to recognize good products from waste of money. After all, it is hard to say if a product is pure. The discussion about recognizing pure green tea from what is not, has been going around for ages.

Buying Green Tea with Confidence

  1. Check if the plant is in its original state. If the supplements looks exactly how a natural green tea plant actually looks like then you are safe with it.
  2. Understand how the supplement is processed. If the process cannot be done inside a cave then it is time to put the red flag up. If the process is destructive or rarely used then you are better off without it.
  3. Check whether the process of supplement production is something that you can do without the help of specialized equipment. One example of this is aspartame. When it first hit the market, people have been wanting to try it, but after a few years, science revealed that it is causing serious health problem. Go for product that is close enough to nature. If you can make the product on your own then it is something that spells “safe” all over.
  4. Learn whether the separation is made by the nature of such product. Check whether you do not need special preparations or additives to create such supplement.
  5. Check whether the product is available for everyone. If a certain product is made using a secret recipe then there might be something suspicious about it.

In today’s world where people are informed buyers, it is good to know what you are buying before you shell out your cash. Most product makers are open to let you test their products before purchase. Do not forget to become inquisitive. After all, this is also for your safety.




28 Dec, 2011

Green Tea Skin Benefits

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Your skin loves green tea too! Many studies would encourage the use of green tea for skin benefits. Animal study suggests that this herb can prevent skin cancer as it reduces skin damage. Other study shows that polyphenone can benefit people with papulopustular rosacea.

Considering its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property, green tea can slow down the development of skin aging. Furthermore, evidences show that green tea can stop matrix metalloproteinases as it inhibits two of its key subtypes: elastase and collagenase.

Many studies are yet to be done to establish the effect of green tea to our skin’s health. However, if you wish to include this in your beauty regimen now, you will be glad to realize that there are plenty of sensible manners to go about it.

For instance, since the sun protection of green tea is well documented, it is wise to apply green tea formula under your sunscreen. You can mix green tea with zinc oxide based sunscreens since zinc oxide will not react with the tea.

It is a very nice idea to use green tea as part of your skin maintenance to slow down the aging process. However, buying a green tea cream and thinking that it is enough to do you well is a wrong move. Just like other antioxidants, green tea pluphenols begun to oxidize once exposed to air. This will lose some of green tea benefits once exposed to air. It is not yet proven if commercial green tea creams can retain their efficiency.


If you are willing to exert some effort, it is wise to make your green tea beauty remedy from scratch. This way, you are guaranteed of the good result. Plus, green tea beauty remedies from scratch is cheaper too.




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