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26 Dec, 2011

The Vitamins and Minerals in Your Tea

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Do you wonder if you can skip your daily multivitamins and use green tea instead? Aside from antioxidants and antibacterial nature, green tea is famous because it is loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Before anything else, allow yourself to realize that because green tea are grown in various ways, the amount and type of vitamins it can give you may vary too. However, some of the vitamins you can expect from the tea are the following.

Vitamin A. This vitamin is famous for its ability to promote good eyesight. Far from other knowledge, this vitamin can also encourage the presence of beautiful skin and healthy teeth. This vitamin further provides us with antioxidants, which is especially significant in destroying free radicals.

Vitamin B1. This vitamin is very important in stabilizing mental attitudes. This is the reason why vitamin B1 is also called as the “morale vitamin”. Aside from your mood, it also helps keep your muscle, heart, and nervous system healthy.

Vitamin B2. This vitamin has its link to weight loss, good red cell production, and proper body growth. This also prevents skin lesions.

Vitamin C. This is possibly the most famous vitamins there is because of its ability to ward off infection, neutralized free radicals, strengthen blood vessels, and maintains the body’s connective tissue.

Vitamin E. The women specially love this vitamin for its ability to stop aging and keeping the skin healthy. Aside from this, the vitamin too can promote proper bone, muscle, and heart functions. The best thing of all, vitamin E can stop degenerative diseases.


Aside from vitamins, green tea is also packed with minerals. However, like the vitamins, the growth of green tea will determine its mineral content.

Manganese. Green tea is known to be the most promising source of trace minerals manganese, which is very good for one’s reproductive health and physical growth. This mineral also helps in protein and fat metabolism.

Potassium. A person who lacks potassium can experience acne, fatigue, insomnia, and irregular heartbeat. So take green tea to regulate blood pressure and your heartbeat.

Fluoride. People know a lot about fluoride because it is an important mineral that stops tooth decay by strengthening the tooth enamel. Fortunately, green tea contains high level of fluoride.

As you can see, green tea provides us with many health benefits. It comes complete with vitamins and minerals necessary for a good functioning body.





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